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You can get a free month of Dish's new Sling TV streaming service on Xbox One

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Available in the "coming weeks"

Dish just announced Sling TV, its bold new experiment in internet TV that gives cord cutters access to big names like ESPN and Adult Swim without a cable subscription. If you're not quite sold on the idea, though, there's a month-long free trial coming up — but only for Xbox One owners. Microsoft partnered with Dish to bring the extended trial to the console — which is also the only games console that will support the new service at launch — and says it will be available to Xbox Live members in the "coming weeks." The service will regularly cost $20 a month when it launches, and you can add bundles of premium content like "kids" or "news" for an extra $5 each. Sling TV is expected to launch later this month on devices including Amazon's Fire TV and Roku's set-top boxes.

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