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Yves Behar helped Samsung build one of its seductive new SUHD TV models

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Noted designer Yves Behar just showed up on stage at Samsung's press conference to talk about the design of the company's massive 80-inch SUHD TV —specifically, he showed off a version of the TV that was mounted to a small cube-like pedestal. "We thought, what's the best way to display the sculpture?" Behar said, and apparently mounting it up to this cube and pumping audio through it was the best way to do so. It's not just the audio, though — pretty much all of the intelligence and guts of the TV is in the base, leaving the screen to be as thin as possible. To be clear, not every version of Samsung's SUHD will feature this arrangement — most of the images we've seen look more like a standard TV on a stand.

Indeed, Behar just confirmed on Twitter that this TV is a 21:9 TV, something specifically designed for viewing widescreen cinema:

Samsung's CES press release indicates that there are three different models in the SUHD, so it seems that this is just one specific model. It wasn't entirely clear how this product fits into Samsung's lineup just yet, but when the CES show floor opens tomorrow, we'll get out there and find out for sure.

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