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CarPlay and Android Auto will be in Volkswagen cars this year

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At CES this week, Volkswagen finally announced its plans for Apple's CarPlay and Google's Android Auto: both will be available later this year. The technologies will work on VW's MIB II dash electronics, which launched in some countries in 2014 and will come to the US in 2015. MIB II also supports MirrorLink, a similar technology supported by Sony.

Volkswagen had made news at last year's CarPlay introduction for being one of the largest automakers to not appear on Apple's partner list, but time heals all wounds. It behooves a car company as big as Volkswagen to support both platforms, particularly since they're completely incompatible with one another — there's no Android Auto app for iOS, nor the other way around.

There isn't a specific date on the launch, but Volkswagen notes that MirrorLink, CarPlay, and Android Auto will all roll out this year in the US and Europe.

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