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Watch all of Samsung's first CES 2015 announcements in just five minutes

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Samsung's first press conference of CES is usually not a super weird affair. The company got that out of the way early at a party the day before. There's no time for weirdness (or Michael Bay meltdowns) when you need to unveil washing machines, ovens, streaming VR services, robotic vacuums, and an all-new line of "seductive" TVs — including one designed by none other than Yves Behar. Plus, all those smart TVs are running on a new operating system, Tizen, with a new interface that might owe a little of its look to LG's webOS.

Oh, and Samsung surprised us with a portable 1TB SSD drive that's about the size of a business card — and it looks great. It's a lot to cover, but don't worry, we've put the entire press conference together in this five minute video.