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Sony combines a lamp and a speaker into one beautiful package

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Symphonic Light Lamp and Bulb

Sony pulled out a small, clever surprise at its CES 2015 keynote. It's called a "Symphonic Light speaker," and it does pretty much what you'd expect it to. It's a tower-shaped lamp with a speaker at the base, and it actually looks really well-designed (or, as Nilay Patel said in our liveblog, "Dope"). CEO Kaz Hirai wouldn't let you think that it's just that simple, though; the lamp has a "proprietary vertical drive technology" which actually uses the material of the lamp itself to help create sound. The lamp itself is the tweeter, so there's no exposed speaker elements.

There's also an LED bulb that also has a speaker built in, if you don't like putting dope-looking things on your end table.


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