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FlapIt is the retro social media counter you've always wanted

Taking social media back a few decades

In an era of rampant social media obsession, FlapIt has found a way to bring a little flair to tracking your social stats. With a design based on the iconic split-flap clocks of the '60s. Debuting at CES, FlapIt's eponymous product will track your social media follows, likes, and subscriptions. The counter works in a number of languages and, with space for seven characters, can display whatever message you like.

The counter is controlled via FlapIt's website — all you need to do is connect FlapIt to the same network as your phone or computer. FlapIt is targeting its product at startups and small businesses, who can display messages to customers, but it's only a matter of time before it pops up in a post from the social media star you hate-follow.

As far as social media counters go, FlapIt has built one of the best I've seen. It's only slightly egotistic if you own it, thanks to the excellent analog design. If you don't mind wearing that badge, you can buy FlapIt for $299 beginning in April.

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