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E Ink Prism lets you program the color of your building

E Ink Prism lets you program the color of your building

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E Ink is moving from small displays to building walls. Hoping to change how open spaces are experienced, the company today announced E Ink Prism, a new technology that that incorporates programmable E Ink into building materials.

Clearly E Ink has much grander applications than the recently released YotaPhone 2, since Prism is aimed directly at architects and designers. E Ink's offering, made to replace both paint and high-end displays, can be programmed to change color based on interaction or show off huge, alterable scenes without requiring the same amount of power as an array of screens.

Perfect for #brands

An early build is on the convention floor here at CES, and it's fairly simplistic. Still, E Ink says it can be used for more ambitious projects. While artists could conceivably use the technology for large murals, it's clear that Prism could easily be used by brands looking to make a splash. We'll see in 2015.

E Ink shifting colors
E Ink Prism 2

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