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WeMo can now light your smart home from the inside and out

WeMo can now light your smart home from the inside and out

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Following Sunday's expansion of the WeMo ecosystem with a bevy of sensors, Belkin’s home automation brand is today announcing an expanded lineup of smart lighting devices from Osram Sylvania and TCP (Technical Consumer Products).

The announcement expands WeMo lighting options from the regular LED bulbs already available from Sylvania and WeMo to decorative lighting and outdoor spotlights. Choices include a fully dimmable white LED bulb from TCP for $19.97, a colorful and flexible adhesive light strip from Osram for $64.99, and an Osram gardenspot for $79.99. Osram bulbs can be pre-ordered through Amazon now while TCP Plus lighting will be available at select retailers in 2015.

With this week's announcements, the WeMo ecosystem now includes all the core devices required to automate your home. This single-vendor solution helps ensure compatibility (often an issue in ZigBee and Z-wave homes) across devices which is crucial for linking individual products into automated scenes. While it's fun to turn on a light with a smartphone, the real payoff for smart home owners is the ability to sense your arrival home, and then automatically adjust the thermostat and lighting to your tastes and start cooking dinner for the family.

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