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Mophie's new Juice Packs could keep your iPhone 6 charged for days

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Mophie finally announced that it's expanding its popular line of Juice Pack battery packs for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. (And it's a wonder it took this long since the company makes some of the most popular cases out there.) Starting today, three new battery packs are up for preorder starting at $99, and each will provide upward of 60 percent extra battery life.

The new lineup starts with the Juice Pack Air for the iPhone 6, which effectively doubles the iPhone 6's already decent battery life. The Juice Pack Plus adds 120 percent extra battery life. The Juice Pack for the 6 Plus adds a meager 60 percent battery, but that shouldn't bother most since the 6 Plus can already last more than a full day on a single charge after reasonable use. All three also come with bumpers inside the case to prevent damage upon impact. We're not entirely sure if they'll prevent bending, though.

We're not sure if they can stop bendgate

Mophie hasn't given a release date for the battery packs yet, but preorders are open now so expect them to hit stores at some point during the year. Mophie's next move is to update their Space Pack line, but there's no word on that front yet.

Juice Pack air

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