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Intel gives cheap tablets a boost with new Cherry Trail chips

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As well as announcing its new fifth generation Broadwell processors, Intel has also taken the wraps off Cherry Trail: the next generation Atom processors that will replace its Bay Trail chips on low-end tablets and hybrid devices. The Cherry Trail designs use the same 14-nanometer manufacturing process that the company is applying to Broadwell, and should start appearing in products in the first half of the year.

Cherry Trail will mean LTE-Advanced mobile data speeds for cheaper tablets

Consumers can expect boosts to battery life, graphics, and general performance, allowing low-end tablets to better handle tasks like 3D gaming and high-resolution video. So far though, Intel has been light on the details — there’s no benchmarks; no solid data — and is most likely leaving it up to manufacturers to trumpet the good news. However, the company did say that Cherry Trail will be able to play nicely with its LTE-Advanced modems, meaning faster data connections even on cheaper devices.