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Watch Samsung CEO BK Yoon's CES 2015 speech in under six minutes

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On Monday evening, Samsung CEO BK Yoon spent an hour discussing his thoughts on the Internet of Things and a world in which everything is connected. During his keynote speech at CES 2015, Yoon shared the stage with invited guests from SmartThings, Jawbone, BMW, and other companies to illustrate how life can be enhanced when all the devices we use each day are in constant communication. Sure, the phone in your pocket and the tablet on your couch are pretty smart right now, but Samsung believes we're at the cusp of radical innovation and partnerships in the technology industry that will positively impact many lives. That remains to be seen, but for now we've cut Yoon's keynote speech down to under six minutes. It's less long winded, and you'll still come away understanding his vision on exactly how technology will change our future.

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