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Seinfeld and friends tackle Twitter in Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee

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Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee

Isn’t there some way we can just let Tiny Fey run Twitter? I mean, we have all this quote-un-quote democracy lying around — you know; rallies, petitions, some sort of president — but all of a sudden we can’t put it to good use? As Fey says in the recent Twitter-focused mini-episode of Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, if she was in charge then there’d at least be some control over who gets an account.

"You would give me 10 samples of what you thought you might wanna talk about," says Fey calmly, politely, completely reasonably. "And I would talk to you about whether that was something we all needed to know." Or, as Jerry more succinctly sums it up: "What kind of asshole goes on Twitter?"

The full two-minute clip can be found on the show's official page, featuring Louis C.K., Miranda Sings, and David Letterman: "I interviewed one of the two guys that invented Twitter — Zip Stone, is that his name?" Close enough, David.