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Elon Musk loves Bioshock and only sleeps six hours a night

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The night before his ill-fated rocket test, Elon Musk took to Reddit for an AMA ("Ask Me Anything"), the site's favorite group interview format, and the results were fascinating. There were plenty of rocketry questions — Had he thought about hybrid spacecraft? How would he stabilize the Falcon on landing? — but the AMA also provided a rare look into Musk's day-to-day life. The SpaceX and Tesla founder sleeps only six hours a night, according to one answer, and enjoys barbecue, French food, and whiskey. Asked for his favorite video game, Musk replied, "I tend to like FPS with a story, like Bioshock, Fallout, or Mass Effect, but was also a big fan of Civ and Warcraft." (He's also a big fan of the space launch simulator Kerbal.) Asked for the daily habit that has the most positive impact on his life, Musk responded simply "showering."

Musk stayed away from Tesla business for the most part, except to say that the upcoming Tesla Model 3 "won't look like other cars" — but he gave a surprising number of details on upcoming SpaceX plans. Musk says SpaceX's spacesuits will be unveiled later this year, and putting the suits together has been as much about design as engineering. "It needs to both look like a 21st century spacesuit and work well," Musk told Reddit. "Really difficult to achieve both." SpaceX is also planning a Mars transport system based on "a completely new architecture," which will also be unveiled later this year, drawing on lessons from the Falcon and Dragon rockets.