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Pioneer announces three car stereos with CarPlay and Android Auto support

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Late-model Honda Civic owners, rejoice: your ultra-high-function replacement head unit is here. Pioneer is refreshing its line of crazy, do-it-all stereo systems for cars at CES this week, and three of the models — the AVH-4100NEX, AVIC-7100NEX, and AVIC-8100NEX — support Android Auto. Interestingly, all of the new models support Apple's CarPlay, so Pioneer is restricting Android Auto to just a subset of the lineup. Dual support for CarPlay and Android Auto is going to be critical for automakers over the next year, especially considering how evenly divided iOS and Android market penetration can be in many markets, so decision to include include only CarPlay on some of these new models is an odd one.

Why not Android Auto on every model?

Other features include high-quality Bluetooth audio, FLAC playback, support for SiriusXM, and HD Radio tuning on all models but the lower-end AVIC-5100NEX.

Of course, the market for replacement head units is a lot smaller than it used to be: automakers have moved away from standard-size radio slots and have tightly integrated in-car entertainment with the many computers powering the average car. Indeed, most major automakers have proclaimed support for CarPlay and Android Auto themselves — most recently Volkswagen, which announced plans just this week for rolling both out later this year.

Pioneer's new lineup goes on sale in March for $700 to $1,400.