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Watch the trailer for Ethan Hawke's drone war film Good Kill

Watch the trailer for Ethan Hawke's drone war film Good Kill

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Here's what a modern war movie looks like. Rather than having its lead character on the battlefield, Good Kill puts its star behind the controls of a drone, where he takes down enemies from afar and watches the end of their lives with a bird's-eye view. The film is directed by Andrew Niccol and teams him up again with his Gattaca star Ethan Hawke. The film has Hawke's character fighting the Taliban from nearby his home in Las Vegas, but he increasingly grows uncomfortable with what he and the rest of the drone pilots are doing. It's an incredibly topical premise, and it's likely to speak to the many concerns cropping up around drone warfare.

The film received mixed reviews out of festival premiere last fall, and it's easy to see why in its first trailer, which was just released. Some lines in the Good Kill trailer definitely seem like they're riding a very thin line between moody and goofy, but others come off totally great, too. My favorite is probably: "Word's come down the chain we're stepping up attacks because we got intel says they're stepping up attacks." The film comes out April 10th in the UK. There's no release date yet in the US, but IFC has picked it up.