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Watch all of Mercedes-Benz's CES 2015 press conference in 6 minutes

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The F 015 Luxury in Motion is Mercedes-Benz's vision for the car of the future. It's a self-driving comfort zone that's designed to give you time to rest between moving to and fro. In theory, of course — it's a concept car, not retail, that demonstrates the future. And that future is really exciting (and oddly enough, has a lot to do with horses).

"Along the way, we are also revitalizing a feature that Smart Horses offered back in the days before the day. Think about a long day in the office, sitting one meeting after the other. Back in the day, a smart horse was able to smell the barn and take its owner home safely and autonomously."

Watch Mercedes-Benz CEO Dietrich Zetsche and his lovable robot eyeball cohost give us a taste of where transportation is going.

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