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A new LG watch was just teased at Audi's CES press conference

A new LG watch was just teased at Audi's CES press conference

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Audi's CES press conference isn't where we expected to get a tease of a new LG smartwatch, but that's how CES goes. Audi's Ulrich Hackenberg just summoned a self-driving car to the stage using an LG smartwatch, and the design doesn't match up at all with any others we've seen from the company — the three-button design in particular stood out to us. The big question is what exactly the watch is running. While it's easy to assume that it's an update to the company's ever-expanding Android Wear lineup, there have been recent rumors that LG could bring webOS back yet again, this time on a smartwatch. Unfortunately, Audi's press conference ended without anyone mentioning the watch again, but we're trying to track down Dr. Hackenberg and see if we can find out more about his new wearable.

Update: We got to take a closer look at the watch following the press event, but unfortunately we couldn't get any questions answered about it just yet. We're still digging for more info.

Update, 4:23PM ET: Android Central has confirmed with LG that this watch was made specifically for Audi and runs a customized version of Android Wear. The dreams of a webOS watch will have to wait for another day.

Update, January 7th 2015, 9:13PM ET: After claiming the smartwatch seen at Audi's press conference ran Android Wear, Android Central now has proof that the device actually does run webOS. Find out more here.

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