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Here is the beautiful TV Samsung designed with Yves Behar

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Samsung brought renowned Fuseproject designer Yves Behar in to help create its new S9W television, and by all accounts it was the best possible move. The curved SUHD TV is gorgeous. At an impressive 82 inches, it really does look a bit like a sculpture, despite its being tucked away behind a blue barrier in Samsung's booth.

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The 21:9 display is immediately jarring at first glance, since it's much wider than current 16:9 TVs. That effect is offset somewhat by the so-called "gallery-like cube" it rests on, which both provides audio and can be used to swivel the screen around to improve viewing angles. (You'll need plenty of room to pull that off, and we didn't see that feature demonstrated on the floor.)

Like its fellow SUHD brethren, the S9W will run Tizen when it sees releases. Samsung hasn't offered any details on price, but it's easy to imagine that this will be rather expensive when it hits the market.

Samsung S9W SUHD TV in photos