Sony Electronics President Mike Fasulo: you don't really need 4K content for that 4K TV


Yesterday Sony delivered its CES 2015 keynote and announced a slew of new devices, from televisions and watches to a pricey new Walkman. (Seriously, it's really expensive.) Today I sat down with Sony Electronics President and COO Mike Fasulo to talk about the new devices, and how the company's partnership with Netflix for high-dynamic range content will change the equation.

Last year HDR was one of the most exciting display technologies we saw, and Netflix bringing real HDR content to Sony TVs could provide the kind of visceral, gut-punch reaction that 4K alone hasn't thus far. Fasulo wasn't able to reveal exactly when we'd be seeing HDR content this year or how many programs will be arriving, but countered that Sony had a number of different partners that would be providing regular 4K content (granted, one of them is YouTube, and another is Sony's service itself). Fasulo also touted the ability of Sony's TVs to upscale content to 4K as a reason for consumers to snap up televisions now, before a truly healthy 4K ecosystem is in place. We won't dispute that the TVs look great — as well as being insanely thin — but it's not really 4K unless you're watching 4K.

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