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Google TV is finally dead. Long live Android TV

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Google pulls the developer tools for the doomed platform

Google TV, we hardly knew you. No, seriously, basically nobody bought you and those who did suffered through a slow, confusing interface that married the worst of cable with the worst of IR blasters, all on devices that were slow and buggy. And now you've died, and the only obituary you have from your not-so-grieving parent company is this missive to developers on Google+ letting them know the libraries they use to make apps for Google TV are no longer available.

I come not to praise Google TV, but to bury it

Apparently "a small subset of Google TV devices will be updated to Android TV," which is certainly not something we expected and is a nice boon. But the vast majority won't, and although existing devices and apps will continue to work, nothing more is coming to the platform. Google didn't officially discontinue Google TV, but it did officially murder it dead by cutting off the developer tools.

sony google tv remote

But! Android TV, while still a little buggy in spots, is far superior to Google TV thanks to its simplicity — to say nothing of the fact that it's running on newer software and better hardware. And Google has lined up a decent list of partners who will support it, including Sony, Sharp, and Qualcomm. Now to keep that Android TV success going, all Google has to do is keep Eric Schmidt from promising that the majority of TVs will eventually be Android TVs, because we all know how well that went the last time.