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TCL's 110-inch curved 4K TV is the definition of CES spectacle

Behold this amazing thing no one will ever own

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Look at this utterly massive TV. TCL has somehow managed to go even crazier than Samsung on the show floor at CES, showcasing this 110-inch curved 4K televison. And you might consider that strange since Samsung has a 110-incher of its own. But TCL had the Guiness Book of World Records come out to take a measurement and confirm that its huge curved thing is slightly bigger than Samsung's huge curved thing.

Will you ever be able to buy one? Unlikely. There's no pricing or availability information to speak of. Would it even fit in your house? Through what door? No matter. This is what CES is all about. Anything Samsung or any other tech stalwart can do, there's a smaller competitor trying to best them and stand out in this enormous crowd. With a curvature of 7000R, TCL says it's humongous TV has such a dramatic picture depth that it approaches glasses-free 3D. Sure, it looks pretty okay, but totally impractical for most people. Still. Just look at this thing.

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TCL 110-inch 4K UHD curved TV hands-on photos