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These Star Wars headphones are how you listen to music in a galaxy far, far away

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Sure, consumer electronics products and movie tie-ins have long gone together like a fine steak and a glass of red wine — but with Star Wars: The Force Awakens finally scheduled to come out later this year, these SMS Audio headphones are more relevant than ever. They're based on the brand's existing line of on-ear wired headphones, but let's be honest — if you're looking at these, it's purely because of the surprisingly intricate Star Wars details heaped on each pair.

What you're seeing here is the second round of headphones in the Star Wars set — there's four designs available, including a surprisingly cool copper pair of Chewbacca cans. The other designs contain nods to the iconic Tie Fighter, R2-D2, and Darth Vader himself. The attention to detail is pretty high here — beyond the obvious detail on the side of each headphone, the R2-D2 and Tie Fighter models have some subtle details in the bar which look pretty nice. For my money, the R2-D2 model is the best, but there's no accounting for taste.

Whether or not these headphones sound good is almost beside the point (though for $199.99 we're expecting a reasonably high quality system, albeit one that is probably bass-heavy). Those who want to show their Star Wars allegiance on their head will not be deterred.

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