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Samsung's new speakers are like Portal turrets for your music

Samsung unveiled its new 360-degree speakers a week before CES even started, but seeing them in person hammers home just how much they look like they sprung out of a Valve game. Not only do they produce room-filling sound — Samsung says it's because of "Ring Radiator" technology — but they also look like they'll hop up and shoot you down with a friendly remark.

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Samsung has an array of them lining a corner of its booth at CES this week, all in various colors and materials. The "movable type" models look like they can be easily carried from place to place, while the "stand type" models wouldn't look out of place next to some of the company's Tizen SmartTVs. We're not entirely sure what the ones hanging from the ceiling are doing, but they look cool so that's fine.

Time to update your home decor

Samsung hasn't yet given details on when these speakers will hit the market or how much they'll cost, but we'll probably see them in stores before year's end. That's plenty of time for those who love the design to update their home decor.


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