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Sennheiser's luxurious Momentum headphones cut the cord with new Bluetooth models

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With every passing day, I get more and more tired of headphones with cords. Sennheiser knows it, too — the company is showing off three new sets of Bluetooth headphones that are based on the company's existing designs. The two pairs of its Momentum line —over the ears and on-ears — are now wireless and contain the same noise canceling features that are found in the standard models. They manage to keep pretty solid battery life, as well — Sennheiser said they last 22 hours between charges.

Given that they're priced at $399 and $499 (for the on-ears and over the ears, respectively), we expected excellent sound and comfort and weren't let down when they tried them on. We only tested them for a few minutes, but the noise canceling features worked just as you'd expect, and the music came in loud and quite clear, particularly for Bluetooth headphones.

The materials, design, fit and finish were all top-notch, as well. The two Momentum models have essentially the same hardware, but the over-ears are more expensive by virtue of the real leather being used as well as their larger size. Sennheiser also upgraded its Urbanite XL cans to Bluetooth, as well — those are designed with a bass-heavy "club sound" in mind. They'll retail for $299, while the on-ears Momentum will go for $399 and the over-ears Momentum coming in at $499.