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I put on a smartphone-controlled insole and told it to warm my feet

I put on a smartphone-controlled insole and told it to warm my feet

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As I write this, my right foot is slightly warm because I have just been standing on a smart, heated insole. It's called the Digitsole, and it's able to heat your feet, track your steps, and tell you how many calories you've burned by walking. The insoles use Bluetooth to connect to a companion app on iOS or Android — from there, you can adjust the temperature on each foot and see stats on your walking. It's not the most elegant app in the world, but you probably won't care much as you walk around thinking about how you have far more comfortable feet than everyone else.

My foot isn't even that warm, but it's still pretty nice

Digitsole ran a successful Kickstarter campaign last year and is getting ready to start shipping out to backers in the next few weeks. It'll also go on sale in the US and Europe next month, selling for $200 a pair. A less expensive model — somewhere around $75 — will be available in the future, without the heating feature. That's a big loss, but the idea of your shoes tracking your steps rather than your phone or wristband tracking your steps makes a whole lot of sense, especially during a year when everyone is talking about the hyper-connected Internet of Things. Shoes and insoles are Things, and it definitely makes sense for those products to be what tracks your walking.

Digitsole's technology is actually going to make it into a pair of sneakers, too. They'll come from a company called Glagla, which is not a misspelling of Galaga, and will also be able to heat the sides of your feet— rather than just the front, like the insoles can.

The insoles take about three hours to charge, and from there, Digitsole says you should be able to use them with heating for about six to nine hours. Get used to plugging them in beside your phone at night.

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