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August's newest product makes the Smart Lock even smarter

August's newest product makes the Smart Lock even smarter


Connect connects the Smart Lock to the internet

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August's stylish Smart Lock is getting getting an expansion pack, of sorts. August announced today that it plans to introduce a device called the Connect that'll allow the Smart Lock to connect to the internet. Right now, the lock only has Bluetooth — meaning you need to be nearby the lock to use it — but with an internet connection, owners will be able to have their door lock or unlock remotely.

The Smart Lock is going to start talking to other smart devices

Why you'd frequently need to do that is a fair question, but August suggests that it could be used to buzz in guests or someone servicing your home. It'll also allow you to check whether your doors are locked while you're out of the house, which could provide some comfort if you're both forgetful and slightly paranoid.

The real bonus is that this will expand what other smart home products can interact with the Smart Lock, potentially giving owners more flexibility to set up scenes within their home. In fact, August plans to make just that happen. It's also announcing that it's starting to let select partner companies connect their products with the Smart Lock. Those partners include companies in the "home security, home automation, and rental industries" — so official integration with the August will arrive in the near future. Nest integration was also announced earlier this week.

Connect takes the form of a small, white cube that plugs into a power outlet. So long as it's within Bluetooth range of a Smart Lock, it'll be able to connect the lock to the internet. August is starting to take preorders on the Connect tomorrow, for $49.99. They'll begin to ship out in February.

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