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Intel's CES 2015 keynote was among the best — watch the highlights here

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Drones with RealSense and doors with a sense of humor: just a small taste of the future

The best keynote of CES* included almost no mention of the Internet of Things. I've been keeping track, and not a single press event until today has gone by without someone uttering those three, rather indeterminate words. Intel talked at length about creating a more connected world, populated by autonomous drones, intelligent doorways, and sight-assisting jackets, but it managed to do it without resorting to the favorite buzz phrase of CES 2015. Brian Krzanich also proved to be more charismatic than might be expected of a big tech CEO and the entertainment portions of the evening were in fact entertaining.

* Ross Miller disputes this assertion, countering with the Mercedes keynote, which I didn't pay too close attention to. I understand there were moustaches involved.