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Valve's next Dota 2 championship is happening in August

How big will the prize pool be this year?

Game developer Valve has announced the date for the next edition of its annual Dota 2 tournament. The 2015 version of The International will take place in Seattle on August 3rd and run until the 8th, lasting a full six days (that's two days more than last year's event). No other details were provided about the event, which will feature a total of 16 teams, but last year's tournament proved to be a huge draw, raising a massive prize pool of $10 million and even gracing the front page of The New York Times. With the rapid growth of e-sports like Dota 2, this year's edition will likely be even bigger. There's no word yet on when tickets will go on sale.

Dota 2 The International 2015