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Samsung's Galaxy Note Edge is now available from Verizon

Samsung's Galaxy Note Edge is now available from Verizon

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Samsung's curved Galaxy Note Edge is now available from the biggest carrier in the United States. Verizon Wireless has launched online sales for the one-of-a-kind phablet, signaling an immediate launch that we assume will also kick off at its retail stores tomorrow morning. Verizon is selling the Note Edge for $399.99 on a two-year contract or $799.99 unlocked. That's a bit cheaper than the downright insane $945.99 that AT&T is charging customers for an unsubsidized device. If Verizon's Edge upgrade program is more to your liking, the Note Edge will run $33.33 per month on that plan.

As a refresher, other than the novel screen, you're basically getting a Note 4 here. And that's perfectly fine; Samsung's latest phones are still at the forefront of the Android pack. Android Authority pinned down the Note Edge's Verizon release earlier this week, though we've known the phone was coming for some time. Verizon still has a page up on its website that lets potential buyers sign up for more information on the Note Edge. The same phone they can now buy. So obviously the carrier is still in the middle of its launch process. Just ignore one aspect of our photo above; right now, Verizon's store only offers the Note Edge in black. Now Verizon, about that Nexus 6...