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Meta M1 smartwatch now starts at $149

Meta M1 smartwatch now starts at $149


New Misfit integration turns it into a step and sleep tracker as well

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Meta, the company that spun off from Fossil to produce its own smartwatches, stands directly in the path of the oncoming Apple Watch steam train. Although Meta's M1 stands as one of our favorite smartwatches of the past year, the company is in danger of being deluged by Apple's upcoming marketing and retail blitz. To counteract that threat, Meta is increasing the value of its watch by, firstly, chopping down its starting price to $149, and, secondly, adding new functionality through a partnership with fitness outfit Misfit.

The $100 price cut pulls the Meta M1 down into a much more affordable category, while the new Misfit watch face and motion tracking enhance the watch's utility. You'll be able to get some simple pedometer metrics without a Misfit account, but once you sign up, the options open up to include sleep monitoring and historic data visualizations. The software update should be rolling out now via the Meta Manager app for iOS and Android, and the discounted Meta watches are already available to buy.