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Drone footage of New York looks like the intro to a Grand Theft Auto game

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There's nothing like a fresh start and a whole new world to explore.

Unfortunately, while this feeling is tapped easily enough in the stylized worlds of film and video games, it's sometimes harder to get the same vibe from real life. All those fiddly details seem to get in the way; the getting-dresseds, the cold mornings, the jostling streets. That's why the trend for urban drone footage can be such a joy. The sidewalk disappears and the city is laid out in front of you — you can go anywhere, do anything.

Okay, so drone tours are hardly a realistic way to experience life — too remote, too escapist — but this recent video form Sky Tech One Aerial Photography is a perfect example of the genre. Especially as the addition of a dreamy, '80s synth soundtrack tips the whole thing into Grand Theft Auto trailer territory. I'm not saying it's better than real life, but it's certainly one way to get to a handle on things. Now go on: get out there and get that city.