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Sony delays China launch of PlayStation 4

Sony delays China launch of PlayStation 4


Company reportedly facing prolonged negotiations with Chinese regulators

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Sony has delayed the launch of the PlayStation 4 in China for unspecified reasons. The company confirmed the move Thursday in a statement provided to Reuters, citing only "various factors." The console was supposed to launch for the first time in China on January 11th, and Sony has not announced a new date.

Citing a company source, Reuters reports that the delay is due to extended negotiations between Sony and Chinese authorities. China lifted a longtime ban on video game consoles from foreign manufacturers last year, and both Sony and rival Microsoft have looked to capitalize. Microsoft launched its Xbox One console there in September, but also faced delays while awaiting government approval of its games. In addition to China's notoriously tough censorship rules, Sony and Microsoft will also have to compete against PC games, which became a popular alternative to console games during the 14-year ban.