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Microsoft launches gold edition Lumia 830 and Lumia 930

Microsoft launches gold edition Lumia 830 and Lumia 930

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CES may be nearly finished but Microsoft is still having a bit of fun. This morning, the company announced two new special editions of its Lumia 830 and 930 smartphones. The pair of devices offer the same specs as before (that’s flagship standard for the 930 and mid-range for the 830), but with the traditional bold colors replaced with black and white backs and an "anodized gold" finish.

The Nokia logo appears in gold on both phones — for perhaps the last time

Although Microsoft is late to the gold trend, it's pulled off an impressive trick by giving both devices a lustrous makeover that doesn’t look tacky. In fact, the gold trim on both devices looks stylish, especially set against the glossy black and white backs. Nokia’s logo on the rear of the devices also looks pretty tasteful picked out in gold — a nice touch, considering that this will most likely be the last time Microsoft releases a Nokia-branded mobile.

Unfortunately, neither of the new handsets will be available in the US, with Microsoft instead releasing them only in "select countries in Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa and China." The 930 will be available in black this week and in white towards the end of January; the 830 will be available in both colors from February. Microsoft isn’t saying anything about prices either, but that might be for the best: even a low-cost gold handset won't sway those fans who have given up on Windows Phone altogether.