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Uber is testing a cargo transportation service in Hong Kong

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Uber pretty frequently tries out other projects beyond the cab replacement service it is best-known for. The latest experiment that company is working on is UberCargo — it works much like hailing an Uber X or black car through the app, but when you select UberCargo, you'll be greeted by a van large enough to haul you and your stuff around. Unlike traditional Uber services, however, you can actually send your cargo off to a destination with the driver, but you don't have to accompany it yourself — which makes sense if you're a business wanting to ship things around town.

If you don't follow along with your cargo, you can keep track of its progress through the Uber app. Drivers will also be on call to help load stuff in and out of the van, though we're guessing their involvement will end once your stuff is out of the van. Uber is only testing this in Hong Kong right now and there's no word of if or when it'll make it to the US, but the company is already testing a bike delivery service in New York City — assuming these pilots go well, we could see more delivery options begin to roll out in other locations.