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The weirdest car at CES doesn't even have four wheels

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Many of the cars at CES look just like normal, everyday cars, except they're packed to the gills with next-gen technology — Android Auto, CarPlay, self-driving, the list goes on.

Then there's Elio.

The quirky little three-wheeler was briefly parked in the lot outside the Las Vegas Convention Center this week, drawing curious stares and photographs from countless passersby. It's just a prototype cobbled together with sundry parts from various automakers, but by the time it's on sale next year, Elio Motors claims the car will get 84 miles per gallon from a three-cylinder engine. Perhaps even crazier, it'll cost just $6,800. That's less than most motorcycles, nevermind cars.

You probably wouldn't do a family road trip in it, but the Elio could make an amazing commuter car: it seats two in a tandem arrangement and has a little trunk that could probably fit a couple bags of groceries.

Our own Sam Sheffer took the prototype for a spin on the Las Vegas Strip with video producer Tre Shallowhorn riding shotgun, and — no surprise — we got a few stares.

Would you drive it?

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