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Twitter might be taking its ads into the wild on apps and websites

Twitter might be taking its ads into the wild on apps and websites

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Soon you may be seeing more ads in tweets that aren't on or various third-party Twitter clients. According to The Wall Street Journal, Twitter spent the past week pitching advertisers on a new plan to roll out "ads within streams of tweets on other publishers' apps and websites," which could include places like Flipboard and ESPN's Sportscenter apps. Twitter is said to be seeking a revenue-sharing deal with those companies, something that could help it make money just about anywhere, but more importantly in places where people might be spending more time than Twitter itself.

Twitter's trying to get ads everywhere

Twitter's been aggressively experimenting with new ways to make money, including a reported plan to autoplay promoted 6-second videos that pepper people's feeds, much like Facebook. Its selling of space on people's following list to brands has also recently drawn attention, something Twitter purists like William Shatner have taken offense to, calling it deceptive.

It's unclear exactly when the new ads in streams plan will appear in the wild, or what they'll look like. Twitter did not immediately respond to a request for comment.