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Poll: what was your favorite thing at CES?

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We've seen a lot this week — it's time to pick a winner

It's almost time to leave Las Vegas. Our lips are dry, we're all a little hungover, we've lost our homes and our first children playing craps at the Bellagio. (Please, for the love of everything holy, someone please teach us how to play craps.) It's probably healthy for us to leave, but we're sad to go.

This week, CES 2015, the week more than a hundred thousand people descend upon the Las Vegas Convention Center, was an incredible one. This was the week we discovered that gadgets are back, and that drones are taking over. We found out what comes after smartphones, and what's really going to happen in virtual reality. We remembered that there are truly no limits to Samsung's weirdness or Sony's nostalgia. We saw the future of washing machines. We've seen and touched and played with everything we could, because we wanted you, our readers, along for the ride with us. Including the ride in a three-wheeled car.

We've already published The Verge Awards, our favorite things from the best week in tech. Now we want to hear from you: what was your favorite thing? What can't you wait to try, or buy, or use to troll your friends? Did you see your next phone here? Your next tablet? Your next drone? Your next weird laptop-charging accesory?

There can only be one. So you tell us: what was the best thing at CES 2015?