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Prosecutors recommend felony charges against General Petraeus for email leak

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More than two years after he resigned as director of the CIA, it's more likely than ever that General Petraeus will be the subject of a federal indictment. Today, The New York Times is reporting that the FBI and Justice Department have recommended felony charges against the General for leaking classified information to his mistress, Paula Broadwell. Petraeus hasn't commented on the charges, but has apparently told the Justice Department that he has no interest in a plea deal. It's up to Attorney General Holder whether or not the government presses charges against Petraeus, but if it does, the result would be one of the largest court cases against a senior military officer in recent memory.

The FBI alleges that Petraeus gave Broadwell access to his CIA email account and other classified information as part of the research for her biography of Petraeus. The investigation also involved the bureau breaking into Petraeus' personal Gmail account, where he and Broadwell communicated through unsent messages in the Drafts folder. Still, the investigation and early prosecutorial measures have been unusually delicate because of the politics involved. As one FBI official told the Times as the case was first breaking, "there are a lot of sensitivities in a case like this."