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Take a look inside Japan's Neon Genesis Evangelion bullet train

JR West

With their sleek designs and ridiculous speed, Japan's super-fast Shinkansen bullet trains already look like sci-fi creations, but one rail operator in the west of the country is taking the comparison one step further. JR West announced in July that it was giving one of its bullet trains a mecha-inspired makeover, dressing it up to reference Neon Genesis Evangelion on the 20th anniversary of the iconic anime's creation. The company already showed the outside of the train — colored purple and green in honor of the robots from the show — but now we've also seen mock-ups of what the inside will look like.

Passengers will be able to celebrate Neon Genesis Evangelion in special rooms on board the train, one with miniature-sized dioramas from the show, and another featuring a life-sized version of a mecha cockpit that some lucky riders will be able to climb inside. Note that you'll need to plan ahead order to live your robot piloting fantasies at 200 miles per hour — applicants to sit in the cockpit will be selected by lottery from people who apply via the tie-in's official site, after registration opens on October 7th, with tickets also available from some Japanese travel agencies.


Even if they won't necessarily get the chance to climb inside a mecha cockpit, passengers should still get something of the anime experience: the Shinkansen's standard carriages have also received a Neon Genesis refurbishment, sporting gray-and-green seats, accurate logos from the 20-year-old show, and references to specific mecha. The train will run between the cities of Fukuoka and Osaka in the west of the country from November this year until March 2017.