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Google Photos for Android now works with Chromecast

Google Photos for Android now works with Chromecast

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Sitting your family down for a TV viewing of your entire smartphone camera roll just got easier; Google has updated its Google Photos app to support Chromecast. The company announced that it would introduce compatibility between the photos service and Google's popular $35 streaming stick (newly refreshed with new features) at this week's Nexus event. The latest Google Photos update also allows you to label people in your photos with custom names.

"These labels are completely private to you and are not associated with a Google account or profile," the Photos team wrote in a blog post earlier this week. "Once people in your photos are labeled, you can make advanced searches to find photos of people with things, places or people, such as 'Mom at the beach' or 'Juliana and Marco in Hawaii.''

The other big new Google Photos feature announced this week, shared albums, sadly won't be arriving until sometime later in the year. That'll allow your friends and family to contribute to one pooled album and get updates whenever new stuff gets added. We're still waiting for Google to tackle the issue of weeding out photo duplicates; hopefully that one's also pretty high on the to-do list for what's quickly becoming a fantastic cloud photo solution. The new Google Photos update is available now for Android and will be "coming soon" to iOS and the web.