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Dell's XPS 12 might be an impressive Surface alternative

Dell's XPS 12 might be an impressive Surface alternative

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Dell's XPS 13 is one of my favorite laptops of 2015 thanks to its stunning edge-to-edge display, but it looks like a smaller tablet variant might be on the way. We saw some low-resolution images of a Dell XPS 12 last month, and now German site WinFuture has managed to obtain a slew of photos of the upcoming tablet. Rumored specifications include a 12.5-inch 4K touch display, stylus support, two USB Type-C ports, a HDMI port, and even an SD card reader.

The photos suggest the XPS 12 will convert from a tablet into a laptop-like device thanks to a detachable backlit keyboard. While the initial leak looked like a Surface clone, these new photos make the XPS 12 seem more akin to an Asus Transformer. If all the specifications are genuine then it looks like an impressive alternative to Microsoft's Surface line of tablet / laptop hybrids. With Dell World scheduled for later this month, it's reasonable to assume we'll get an official confirmation in the coming weeks.

Dell XPS 12 leaked photos (WinFuture)