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Xbox chief acknowledges how bad Xbox Live outages are

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'The dependencies between the services needs to be minimized.'

Microsoft's Xbox chief Phil Spencer acknowledged a major annoyance that's plagued the Xbox One game console since launch. Responding to The Verge's Tom Warren today on Twitter, Spencer said the Xbox One needs to be able to separate the Xbox Live online gaming network from the rest of the device's media features.

Because the Xbox One's online feature set is tied to the Xbox Live network, the not-so-uncommon Xbox Live outage brings the entire console offline. That means that while you may be able to stream Netflix on your phone or laptop, your Xbox One has to wait for Microsoft to bring the Live system — mostly designed to let you play online multiplayer games — back online before the console can be used to stream video or surf YouTube. It's not an ideal situation for owners of the Xbox One who use the console as the entertainment hub of their living room.

While Spencer didn't elaborate on any concrete fixes, his transparent response shows Microsoft is aware of the problem and may address it down the line.