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HTC's One A9 looks like an iPhone from every angle in leaked images

HTC's One A9 looks like an iPhone from every angle in leaked images

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HTC has a new "hero product" up its sleeves, and boy does it look familiar. The latest set of leaked images of the upcoming HTC One A9 are here, courtesy of Twitter account @OnLeaks, and they give us a very good look at the upcoming Android smartphone.

The device pictured is merely a "dummy" unit for display use in AT&T stores, but the photos definitely tell us enough to confirm that the One A9 is following in the footsteps of the iPhone 6. There's the curved aluminum unibody design with inlaid plastic lines for the antennas, the raised circular camera hump, and the oblong SIM and microSD card tray along the side. On the bottom, the distinctive machined holes for the speaker also look like something we've seen before.

ONLEAKS htc one a9

That said, the comparison is a bit unfair since it was HTC, not Apple, that first used plastic antenna channels embedded in an aluminum unibody design. A previous leak showed that the A9 will come in a multitude of colored metal hues.

The photos also reveal that HTC is changing its priorities a bit this time around. The front-facing stereo BoomSound speakers are gone, which is a shame, because they were great. They're replaced by those little speaker holes on the bottom edge of the device. Instead, the fingerprint sensor is now on the front, which seems like a better place for it.

Specs are still up in the air on this one, but rumors suggest performance will lie in the upper-mid range, with a competitive price to match. We'll find out for sure on October 20th, when HTC is set to unveil its latest smartphone creation.