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David Duchovny is ready to make another season of The X-Files

David Duchovny is ready to make another season of The X-Files

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Fox Mulder is more than ready to dive back into the X-Files. At New York Comic-Con today, fans saw the first episode of the highly-anticipated revival of The X-Files. And even though the six-episode run won't debut until next year, David Duchovny is already raring up for another season — so long as fans respond well to this initial effort.

"You have my number."

"I'm grateful to all you guys," he said during the panel after the episode's premiere, "and to Chris [Carter] for making it possible for us to come back and play these characters again. And if it so happens that there is an appetite for more, then Chris — as he has me say in the show — "you have my number."

Without getting too deep into spoilers, the episode that premiered today deals heavily with the show's beloved (and often vexing) mythology, with plenty involving alien abductions and government coverups. However, things have been gussied up for a post-9/11 and post-Snowden world, with the conspiracy running far deeper than anything older fans might have expected when the show originally premiered. Devotees in the room ate it up, but neophytes will probably feel all of Scully's skepticism before episode's end. The X-Files returns on January 24th, 2016.