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The PlayStation 4 now has an official remote control

The PlayStation 4 now has an official remote control

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Sony left most of the PS3's flaws behind when making the PlayStation 4, but there's no denying that one little inconvenience came along for the ride: you can't control the console with a standard remote control. That's because the PS4, unlike everything else in your A/V stack, doesn't have an infrared sensor. And that's a problem if you want to sit back and watch a Blu-ray without a game controller in your hand.

Now, you can spend $30 to fix that problem. Sony has announced its official PS4 Bluetooth universal remote, which will let you control and watch Blu-rays or videos from streaming services like Netflix, YouTube, and HBO Go. Unlike the original PS3 remote Sony sold years ago — which inexplicably doesn't work with the PS4 — this new remote can also control three other devices, like your TV and receiver, over IR. That makes it a "universal remote" by name, but it sure won't beat nicer options like Logitech's Harmony Elite, which can control Bluetooth devices like the PS4 (thought it won't power it on or off). Sony's PS4 Universal Media Remote will be available later this month for $29.99.