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Amazon hopes to improve workplace with daily feedback from its white collar employees

Amazon has long had a reputation for pushing its warehouse workers to the limit, but a scathing report earlier this year from The New York Times surprised many when it revealed the company's brutally competitive environment for white collar employees. Among other claims, the article uncovered a workplace that encourages employees to throw each other under the bus due to mandatory layoff quotas. CEO Jeff Bezos and the company refuted the claims, with the chief writing in a staff-wide email, "I don’t recognize this Amazon and I very much hope you don’t, either."

Now, it appears Amazon is making moves to try and get a better idea of what issues, if any, plague its workplace. Bloomberg reports that the company is expanding use of an internal system called Amazon Connections to get a sense of what's going on in the office on a daily basis. As the outlet reports, the system "poses questions daily to employees to collect responses on topics such as job satisfaction, leadership, and training opportunities."

The responses aren't entirely anonymous — the HR team tasked with analyzing the responses can see where the feedback is coming from — but management is only provided nameless, general reports on workplace conditions. The system reportedly builds on an initiative that started last year for Amazon's blue collar employees, and hopefully it helps make working at the retail giant a more enjoyable experience.