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New OnePlus smartphone spotted in FCC filings

New OnePlus smartphone spotted in FCC filings

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It looks like Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus has a new device in the works. Filings spotted with the Federal Communications Commission detail a new OnePlus model E1005, a 5.5-inch handset that — from the preliminary picture included in the documentation at least — strongly resembles an iPhone 4. It shows a black handset with metal edging, a camera situated on the back corner, and a micro-USB port. Presumably, as with other OnePlus phones, it will run modified Android Oxygen OS.

OnePlus called its recently released OnePlus 2 a "2016 flagship killer." While not quite stellar enough to knock both this year and next year's slate of iPhones, Nexuses, and other big names off the table, the Chinese-made model was nonetheless a solid smartphone for a much cheaper price than many of its competitors. It's not yet clear how OnePlus' upcoming smartphone will shape up against the big players in the market, but the FCC filing says the E1005 will come with a 1.9GHz processor and will support LTE, Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi, and FM radios. Official documentation hasn't been revealed yet, but it's a good bet we'll find out more today — OnePlus has an event scheduled in India.


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