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Netflix is ready for the Oscars in the final Beasts of No Nation trailer

Netflix has become synonymous with award-winning television, and with Beasts of No Nation that reputation could stretch to movies. The company has just released the final trailer for the film, which is debuting Friday simultaneously on Netflix as well as in a limited theatrical run with Landmark Theaters. Directed by Cary Fukunaga (who directed the first season of True Detective), it tells the story of Agu (Abraham Attah), a young boy in West Africa who finds himself under the brutal tutelage of a band of rebels, led by Idris Elba's Commandant. Netflix acquired the project in March for a reported $12 million price tag.

Beasts represents a major move for Netflix, which has been spending the last few years putting together deals for original movies — Adam Sander movies and a new Pee-wee Herman sequel are on the way — but it has also battled with theater chains that are unwilling to show movies that appear online the same time they do in theaters. Under the deal with Landmark, Beasts of No Nation will be showing in 19 different US markets, putting the Netflix logo on the big screen and making it eligible for Oscar awards consideration all at the same time. Whether you want to watch it at home on Netflix or in a theater (judging from the visuals in the trailer, we'd opt for the latter), Beasts of No Nation opens this Friday, October 16th.