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It will cost $110 to play all of Star Wars Battlefront

Rolling off positive press for the Star Wars Battlefront beta, video game publisher Electronic Arts announced today that a season pass for the game's post-launch content will sell for a whopping $50 — only $10 less than the game's full price at launch. The pass will include four downloadable content packs and a self-referential emote called "Shoot First," though what will be most difficult to resist for dedicated players is two-week advance access to each of the expansions.

A two weeks head start is a competitive advantage in multiplayer shooters, allowing dedicated players to learn the intricacies of new maps and weapons before their peers. No price or additional details are available for the individual DLC packs. EA has previously priced DLC packs for Battlefield at $15 each, which if applied to Battlefront would make the season pass $10 cheaper than purchasing the DLC individually.