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Rand Paul says tomorrow he will 'live-stream an entire day'

Rand Paul says tomorrow he will 'live-stream an entire day'

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Sean Rayford/Getty Images

GOP presidential candidate Rand Paul hasn't had the best time so far in the polls, but tomorrow he'll be trying an experiment to connect with voters: live-streaming an entire today.

Paul announced on Twitter — complete with the hashtag #randlive — that he'll spend all of tomorrow live-streaming his day, from time in Iowa through tomorrow night's Democratic debate. According to a report on conservative news site Rare, Paul's live stream will be available on Facebook and Ustream.

How "behind the scenes" the stream really is remains to be seen, but a bizarro-world, Libertarian West Wing could really be something. Although, according to Rare, the Paul campaign's chief digital strategist sees a different point of reference: "It will be the Rand Paul campaign’s version of The Truman Show or EdTV," he reportedly said.